Virtual Samples

Artwork Services provides Virtual Samples and prepress that bring out the uniqueness of each product and imprint method. Creating a virtual sample is not just about placing a logo on any product. Imprint rules, color rules, location rules, and final image quality are all to be considered before creating the perfect virtual sample.
We have always strived for perfection and this is the reason why our clients deeply value our association. We aim to win customers over with our highly creative logo-designing services because we understand them and their needs. The samples we generate are low-cost and real. One of the most significant advantages of 3D virtual sampling is its ability to speed up the product development process. When it comes to sampling development. Virtual sampling challenges the traditional ways of product development. Working advanced technology allows designers to make 3D virtual samples of garments, rather than building them physically from real fabric and shipping them to various design houses and manufacturers.

This enables brands to increase overall efficiency and lower production costs, Virtual samples are the future. To maintain competitiveness, fashion apparel brands are under increasing pressure to produce virtual sampling deliverables better, quicker, and more cost-effectively. To meet these demands, the Artwork Services team of dedicated production experts develops high-quality digital visualizations that process quality and efficiency.

Based on our unique experience in the retail industry, our virtual samples service has quickly become a better solution for designers, visual merchandisers, and sales teams that want to improve performance and move into the fast lane. So far, we are proud to have worked with more than 1000 suppliers. Our skilled Photoshop artists take care to ensure that the final virtual sample generated is as close to the finished product within the limits of what technology allows. All bitmap formats are accepted. 3D virtual sampling has many benefits that it can offer, one being how much it will reduce costs and lead time for your products. Typically, in the textile industry, you need to create physical samples for each of the products you are trying to sell.

You have to create an initial design sample as a concept piece. After that, you need multiple samples that will go through testing for a number of material properties. If everything goes well and no further testing iterations are needed, then you must create a production template sample against which to test your produced pieces.

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